Village Boogie




A reissue of the 1979 Afro-funk LP by a dynamic artist from Nigeria, originally issued by the well know Afrodisia label., ‚Village Boogie!‘ really deserves the status of a legendary rarity and holy grail for fans of afro funk music. The original album is incredibly rare today and fetches prices of $800! On this unique album Steve Black presents a new version of the smasher ‚Brand New Wayo‘, originally played by the band Mixed Grill, in which Steve Black was also the singer. Along with that hit ‚Village Boogie!‘ gives us six other groovers and movers that make your hips shake like you were hit by an earthquake, and in fact this is an earthquake of ever pulsating polyrhythmic drum and percussion patterns, as solid platform for lush horn arrangements and swinging bass lines. A little bit of guitar and other instrumentation adds color to the whole wild steaming funky sound and on top we find the utterly distinctive voice of Mr. Steve Black.

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