Unfamiliar Territories EP




Who would’ve ever thought? The G man found himself a protege. After the odd 50+ solo releases offered through his Phoenix G imprint ‚Mr.G‘ has found himself a young producer that has a style that connects with the Phoenix G output thus far. With G opening his bag of tricks to him, this can’t go wrong. Mysterious Jayson Wynters offers a 4 track record that is hazy, technoid and threads into deep territories every now and then. ‚Unfamiliar Territories EP‘ opens with the deep down perc jam named ‚Momentum‘ a moody dubbish track that sets the tone for things to come. The title track offers a more emotive ride that’s being supported by tough saw basses and windy pads that float throughout. The B side openen Science is a tough house cut that is reminiscent of the glory days of US deephouse and sounds as a solid classic rather than a new cut. The closing down bit ‚1 more‘ is the same story. Firmly produced drum patterns with classic bass sounds and hazy pads.

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