The Myth Of The Golden Ratio




Music with a message and for community. Various writers and reviewers have tried their best to categorize the sound of London’s United Vibrations using terms like Spiritual Jazz, Afropunk, and Afrobeat. However, this unique group may be best described by the feelings their music instills instead of through a genre classification. Call it spiritual, or call it vibrations, for that matter. Vibrations for the sound waves produced by their instruments and voices as well as for the emotions that it stirs, the culmination of which is realized in The Myth Of The Golden Ratio., Comprised of three brothers – Ahmad, Kareem, and Yussef Dayes – alongside close friend Wayne Francis II, the group prescribes to the mantra, „Out of many must come one.“ Over the course of two EPs and a full-length album previously released independently, they have worked tirelessly to channel their ideas into soundscapes enriched with beauty and meaning. While their early material was developed by busking and each song created separately, on The Myth Of The Golden Ratio they fused the process for writing and recording and with access to more instruments in the studio, the band has felt even more creative freedom to enhance their sound. Already admired by festival audiences throughout Europe for their live performances, United Vibrations has also garnered recognition from tastemakers such as BBC 3 jazz stalwart Jez Nelson and legendary producer Theo Parrish. While many acts perform for or to their audiences, United Vibrations relishes in their ability to perform amongst and with theirs. In fact, they consider the crowd the most integral part of the experience, with the energy becoming cyclical – the crowd feeding the musicians feeding the crowd. Oftentimes they utilize call-and-response to elicit participation that helps to create and maintain a musical and divine space. People from different life experiences and demographics have become a united force through this creative space at festivals and concerts across the UK and Europe.

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