The Bull




This 45rpm single anticipates the new full-length album by Alex Puddu, a real specialist in, the field of groovy imaginary soundtracks with a strong ’70s vibe. The title of this 7“ is „The, Bull“, and it’s the most representative track from the upcoming record „In the Eye of the, Cat“, which undoubtedly is one of Puddu‘ s best and cohesive works to date., As Nils Markvardsen (editor of the film magazine eXtase and film festival curator) says in, his liner notes featured on the album, „The Bull“ confronts you with some intense flute and, a killer groove and here it’s easy to imagine a mob of armed gangsters robbing a bank in, an Italian crime film/poliziottesco!, As a B-side we have „Sequenza Erotica“ (Erotic Sequence), an unreleased track that can, only be found on this 7“, spreading that sexy cinematic feeling typical of Puddu’s production, (see for example his „Golden Age of Danish Pornography“ series)., As for „In the Eye of the Cat“, Nils Markvardsen also defines it as a reference to the Italian, giallo film genre of the 1960s and 70s. These lurid murder mysteries/thrillers, featuring, black gloved killers lurking in the dark, gorgeous young ladies being chased and artistic displays, of blood and cruelty, usually had horrifying and imaginative film titles, in many cases, with the words; eye(s), black, blood, death, killer and the name of an animal of some sort, thrown in the mix. […] A nice homage to giallo maestro Dario Argento from fellow Roman, Alex Puddu., The North African influence on the percussion can be found throughout the album; it has, that groovy, vibrant 70s vibe. The varied selection of instruments (organ, flute, moog, bongos,, cello, violin, drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitars etc.) blend flawlessly into each, other and make this

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