Story #8



A highly regarded producer and musician who used to be in the midst of the NY metro breeding reactor that spectacularly revived and modernised disco and italo disco since the turn of the century and added some hotliped live brass to their platters and whose sought after releases under his own appear much to rarely dons his house cloak and dagger for 3 sneaky new chapters on story., Not wasting any time on unnecessary nicety the a-side track will send up a whole colony of ants right up your pants riding on a steamrolling percussive disco groove garnished with cut up vocals and fx trickery. B2 is another chicago style wedding of disco and house with a jubilant, string backed female vocal snippet tweaked over a heavy groove while the first track on the flip is a subterrenean, groaning dub house affair that reminds of a slowed down John Ciaffone banger. no matter which chapter you jump to here it puts you right into the action.

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