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Solomon Grey




Released by Decca Records, Solomon Grey’s self-titled debut album is a collection of alternative electronic pop songs that serve as the soundtrack to a journey of persistence and determination by musicians and composers Tom Kingston and Joe Wilson. At the tail end of 2012 Solomon Grey returned to London to show the world their music. With a fantastic initial reaction it wasn’t long before the TV and Film world took notice and commissioned the band to write for a variety of projects including BBC/HBO’s The Casual Vacancy – with the music released as part of a collection of their work to date on their ‚Selected Works‘ compilation. The duo continued to write, adding ‚See You There‘, ‚Broken Light‘ and ‚The Rift‘ to complete the record. It is an emotive, somatic and diverse body of work that encapsulates the journey and transformation undertaken by Tom Kingston and Joe Wilson. With the metamorphosis now complete the eponymous LP marks the first chapter in the story of Solomon Grey.

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