Shiloh: Lost For Words Yellow Vinyl Edition



John Glacier is a vocalist, writer and artist originally from Hackney, East London who grew up with the sounds of dancehall, soca and reggae. Selecting her stage name because she’s „icy“, her style is one combining warped and pitch-shifted lyrical delivery with numerous strands of R&B, grime and lo-fi excursions as provided by producer Vegyn., SHILOH: Lost For Words is her debut album, following on from contributions to Vegyn’s recent album and the compilation of locked grooves for PLZ Make It Ruins, plus various other vocal credits over the last eighteen months including Lutto Lento’s recent LP and Babyfather’s lockdown anthem MANNA., Glacier’s low-key energy is in full effect with SHILOH. She „constructs tracks in one session, leaving them untouched like raw nerves.“ Lead single and opening track ‚If Anything‘ has Glacier moving between steady spoken-word delivery and sung melodies floating over Vegyn’s trademark sample filter work. There are themes of melancholic exploration on ‚Trelawny Waters‘ and introspective healing in ‚On Formulation‘ with its refrain of „damage running deeper than the catacombs in Paris“., A deeply personal record driven by Glacier’s direct poetic delivery and Vegyn’s alternative take on trap and hip-hop templates, it’s a testament to „how I feel, what I’m going through, and where I want to go in my life“ according to Glacier – a bold debut from this unique talent.

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