Red Planet



In our series of related incidents we were out searching for a suitable incident to occur after our well received Black Merlin (George Thompson) voyage in early 2014 (it’s been a long time, yes). The following happened. We approached „Will Flisk“ somewhere in the digital Jungle. Totally unaware that Will and George are actually long time friends. All Of These Incidents Are Related. Havamal inspired Briton ‚Will Flisk‘ takes his filmic approach to music to the streets with his first output on our curious little imprint. With the help of good friend Black Merlin (George Thompson) on synths and drum machines and Natasya Hodges on Cello, this amazingly orchestrated title track (Red Planet) takes us to different planets and back, even though our money is too short for commercial space travel. Nashville, Tennessee’s very own Grey People (Alex J Michalski) works his distortion on a sinister remix (B1) that’s leaning towards the more techno side of things. for the B2, Will bestowed an amazing bit of roughness upon us.

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