Make Haste




Horus Records‘ fifth release is the first production played and recorded at their studio ‚The Arch‘ in Tottenham, North London. An all analogue affair, recorded with real instruments live and direct to tape, sounds pumped through homemade valve pre-amps and other equipment amassed over the last few years.A 2015 production, heavily influenced by Horus‘ love for the sonic qualities and approach of 1970’s reggae. Ronnie Davis shouldn’t need an introduction, considered one of the founding artists of reggae music. Starting off with legendary rocksteady and reggae group The Tennors, he remained a prominent force throughout the 70s working with producers such as Bunny Lee, Phil Pratt and Lee ‚Scratch‘ Perry, to create tracks that are still relevant today. On this release, his voice is as distinctive and strong as it ever was – with lyrics to match.

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