Macumba / Baoba




Our leading lady of the series, Claudia, is back once again, this time, with a double A-side., ‚Macumba‘ is taken from one of her several self-titled LP’s, the one in, question released in 1970 on Premier, Brazil. Sought after in its, original form., Psychedelic, orchestral, MPB, exotica with hints of Bollywood! Horns, strings and spaced out male vocals back Claudia’s amazing lead. Highly, unique., ‚Baoba‘ is taken from Claudia’s all-killer-no-filler Jesus Cristo LP,, from Odeon released in 1971., Heavy on the strings and tough on the funk drums, before it breaks into, a vocal jazz section, then back into the groove. Reminiscent of Swedish, folk-funk singer Doris, whose album we reissued in the past.

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