Issue 6



PB #6 features interviews with:, SKASET (Norway), LUCAS ABELA (Australia), MARCIA BASSETT (USA), CRYS COLE (Canada), JOE MCPHEE (USA), SODADOSA (Indonesia), PBK (USA) , Topics covered includes: meeting Sun Ra, starting to play the sax at 28, Forbidden Planet, The Nihilist Spasm Band, PO, poerty, Chicago, UFO sightings, science fiction, politics, stagnation, the scary middle class, hatred of reverb, changing guitar strings in 23 seconds, that Manowar were never hip, 33 or 45 or in the middle, returning to rock, how play glass on your face, playing drums on a trampoline, playing power tools on turntables, Loop Station hatred, scares and scars, cutting your throat on purpose, noise scene guilt, INXS as the gateway, art scene carbon print, painting skulls, playing loud, eating lobsters, noise bombing in Indonesia, salt, broken radios, disco tracks that goes nowhere, Albert Ayler’s wonkyness, loosing faith in expressionism, lack of dynamic and textural shifts, shock aesthetics, preserving artist archives, and much more. Tons of photos, drawing and mind-blowing visuals. 100 pages. Colour CMYK print on uncoated paper. Perfect binding.

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