Late last year, the world was introduced to DJ Wey via „Nosebleed,“ a singularly jacking piece of house destruction on the Lovers Rock no. 6 compilation. Now the enigmatic producer returns to the LR fold with his debut EP „Introduccion.“ Across four tracks, Wey maps a wild, tripped out terrain, both sinister and fun: „Anthem Para La Club,“ recorded with J. Albert as Amigos DJs, bounces bitter tales of rejection against a twisting, unrelenting drum track. With Wey on the mic, jokes seethe and complaints dissolve into laughs, while the percolating drum pattern takes on a truly anthemic quality. Elsewhere, Wey indulges his dreamier side: „Emily’s“ infectious, bouncing bassline and wandering leads are soaked in emotion, while „Tare Gent Us“ builds on the sickeningly-sweet tension of „Nosebleed.“ Finally, „Llanganatis“ closes out the EP with a moment of breathtaking introspection. Unfinished melodies flicker across aquatic pads, while a distant electro beat betrays the producer’s Miami roots. Fresh, fun, out of control and yet surprisingly nuanced, Lovers Rock is proud to present DJ Wey’s „Introduccion.“

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