Vinyl Williams is the moniker of Lionel Williams, 25 year old Los Angeles based artist and experimental-pop musician. ‚Into‘ – his startlingly accomplished second album – effortlessly fuses psych, krautrock, ambient and shoegaze into a transcendental whole., , The record ripples outward into blissful sonic geography. Lead track ‚World Soul‘ sounds like celestial soul music; ‚Gold Lodge‘ floats on jazzy chords and a propulsive baseline; ‚Greatest Lives‘ and ‚Iguana City‘ are loungey new age jams that continually unfold; ‚Xol Rumi‘ closes the album in an etheric motorik voyage. Uniquely, all the album’s 14 tracks are written, performed and produced solely by the multi-instrumentalist Williams. , , Williams is highly influenced by the archetypal forces of ancient initiation, multi-religious symbolism, and Jung’s take on psycho-analysis. He interweaves these ideas into a vacuum of supernatural and futuristic realms of sound & colour; aiming to create a paradoxical menage of „sonic matrices“ deliberately designed to have a beneficial psycho-physical effect on the listener. It is the singular sound of a restless creative scrying these concepts to conjure a uniquely personal & intuitive experience., , The interactive visual elements for each song on the album create a constellation of simulated synesthesia, impressions of multi-sensuous realms beyond the senses. Williams employed scientific illuminism (the method of science & the aim of religion) in the process of creating the virtual worlds as well as soundscapes – to generate an entire mysterious planet of harmony & equilibrium.

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