Hier & Nu EP


Marcel Fengler’s IMF begins 2022 with Imf011, the beginning of a new era of the label’s outlook, which will combine a focus on new talent, established remixers and a design overhaul. , , Belgian artist Milo Spykers is first out of the traps for 2022, with his „Hier & Nu“ EP (complete with a remix from Fengler) delivering a four-track punch of modern techno. Spyker’s use of dense synths across the EP imbue his tracks with a memorable character that leaps out of the speakers. , , From the jagged and oppressive leads of „Hier & Nu“ to the outright anthemic riffs of „The Helicity“ via the cascading stabs of „Happex“, the „Hier & Nu“ EP is a boisterous work of controlled chaos. Fengler’s remix of „Hier Nu“ extracts Spyker’s synths, and with clinical precision, reconstructs them around a lean, muscular rhythm track that oozes tension. , , „Milo’s a very talented young producer. He’s got an uncomrpimising taste in techno and that convinced me that he’s both a DJ and producer I want to support. I’m really happy to welcome him to the IMF Family.“ (Marcel Fengler, Jan 2022)

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