Ghedawou / Asmarina




A. Ayaléw Mèsfin ft. Black Lion Band – Ghedawou, Ethiopian dance floor Funk rarity originally released on Kaifa 7″ (KF 31) in, 1976. Hand claps, guitar lines and call and response lead vocals punctuate the, driving bass line and understated drum groove., Mesfin played primarily at the Lumumba Club in Addis Ababa’s red light district, and released many 45’s and cassettes during the mid seventies., He worked very closely with the Black Lion Band (or Tequr Ambessa Orchestra), AA. Mulatu Astatke ft. Feqadu Amdé-Mesqel – Asmarina, Laid back, drum-heavy, Ethipian jazz taken from the legendary Ethio Jazz‘ LP on, Amha (AELP 90). Typifies the sound of the country and the period, truly classic, stuff., Mulatu will be touring heavily in 2016, which we are very much looking forward, to.

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