Foxy Lady EP



It’s certainly one of these rare moments, when you stumble over a record which really stands out ; a record which creates one of those moments that makes your day. A record that slowly makes your foot tap, and makes you drop out of the monotony of our everyday life. Suddenly echoes of yet undiscovered sounds turn the beat from a localized impact into an environment with you inside. Refractions bounce back from any surface. No other artist manages it to make electronic music sound so organic, opening up rooms with a phenomenal spatial architecture. With his unique technique to arrange frequencies in space, Boris Steffen, better known as Jichael Mackson once more delivers an outstanding series of tracks with his first EP on his very own imprint Teledub. The „Foxy Lady“ contains three tracks each with the unique dramaturgy Jichael Mackson is well known for, while adding a new almost sexy/funky freshness to his signature sound. Apart from sounding beautiful and being undeniably serious bombs for any dancefloor, these tracks are simply different. The Foxy Lady EP builds a bridge to Jichael Macksons early releases and one thing is for sure, this is a record that will stay in our bags for a long time. Jichael Mackson’s Foxy Lady EP on Teledub. Grab your copy…

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