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Don’t Lose Your Smile Compilation Yellow Vinyl Edition



Music unites and thanks to this vinyl I have had proved this. What Stefano has achieved will live on forever because the good he gave remains indelible in the soul of the people who have had the opportunity to know him. I simply asked these artists to think of Stefano and create music with their hearts. Listening to their soul, their heart, letting themselves be overwhelmed by the passion of music. These artists have chosen to bring to light the most intimate and profound side of a memory linked to Stefano., , The result is the Dlys vinyl, the first of a long series in which friends and artists will be able to engrave feelings and memories that Stefano left in each of them. Even those Artists who have not had the good fortune to know him and who are equally moved by his own overwhelming passion for music will be able to find space in this project., , The common thread that will unite Stefano and these Artists will be of beneficial support as part of the proceeds will be donated for research on brain tumors. Dlys01 is a tribute to life that aims to remind each of us how important it is, despite everything, not to lose your smile. Never., , When listening to these tracks you may feel less alone, that you can place trust in your efforts, in your commitment, in the unyielding answers and determined to succeed., , Keep believing in that potential, that feeling that tells you that you could do so much more, more and more. Willpower shapes the universe.

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