Don’t Cry Anymore



Brand new 7″ from Chicago’s self-proclaimed and self crowned Kings Of Awesome, The Yolks!!! Side B finds The Yolks treading familiar waters, producing another one of their trademark punk rock n roll jams with „I Wanna Be Dumb,“ a song that celebrates the sheer joy of being stupid while lamenting the fact that intelligence works only one way. Unfortunately, one can only get smarter, not dumber, and once you’ve learned too much, it’s too late. Side A, however, marks the continuation along a newer path for The Yolks. Don’t Cry Anymore is a lot less Ramones or Booker T and the MGs than much of their previous output, and a lot more Ethiopians, Clarendonians, and Everly Brothers, with brothers Nathan and Spencer Johnson singing those sweet, sweet harmonies whose gentle beauty will surely lift your spirits, and maybe, just maybe, might melt your cold, dead little heart. It’s a sound that not many bands are going for nowadays, and it is already making beautiful women swoon, tough guys choke back tears, and audiences across Chicago shower The Yolks with flowers, kisses, and admiration every time they play. Edition of 300 copies.

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