Death Comes In 3s HHV Exclusive White & Black Splattered Vinyl Edition



Limited to 150 copies. Only at HHV. , , With so many ways to release new music in recent years (besides the traditional method of the „standard“ album) Natural Elements decided to begin releasing 3 Song EPs starting in 2018. These 3 volumes were released solely via digital streaming service platforms and became known as their „Death Comes in 3s“ series., , Now for the first time, the „Death Comes in 3s“ Deluxe Edition is now available on Vinyl & CD through ‚NE4LIFEnt‘ in collaboration with Belgium based label ‚Hip-Hop Enterprise‘! The „Death Comes in 3s“ vinyl edition includes the original 9 tracks from the compilation of the three Volumes of ‚Death Comes In 3s‘ as well an exclusive bonus track. The ‚Vroom NEmix‘ is the remix to the original ‚Vroom‘ solo track released by group member Swigga f.k.a. L-Swift., , The vinyl edition will be limited to 500 total copies, and will come in 2 colored versions of 150 copies each (one will be exclusive to Hhv) and 200 standard black copies.

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