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Big Exchange



Big Exchange features four distinct tracks tethered in Popmix’s unmistakable universe that is best described as a 90’s-inspired contemporary exploration of a thematic soundscape. Popmix finds balance in quirky, hyper ecstatic themes while rooting himself ultimately in a cultivated, refined skill set. The hard transitions between tracks give space for gratifying escalations into a range of euphoric textures from melodic, acidic basslines to gleeful synths and thrumming drum patterns. „The record is a product of all the joyfulness in file sharing and youtube diving I’ve done over the years – the jolly computer face on the front cover shows gratitude to those opportunities, and the EP as a whole is an overall ode to that. The way I produce music is like a stream of consciousness leading me to the composition of the track, not unlike an internet plunge into a youtube rabbit hole through genres and moods. I guess this kind of reflects my temper as well,“ says Frits. It’s this spectrum that makes Big Exchange adaptable, elevating the mood of any kind of space – solo listening, late night parties – all the while invoking a sense of nostalgia and familiarity.

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