Before The Code




Ken Vandermark, reeds. Christof Kurzmann, electronics [loopp], Jasper Stadhouders, bass. Tim Daisy, drums., One of the „main“ groups of saxophonist extraordinaire. Ken Vandermark!, New album, new bassist; and even more energetic. Made to Break’s live performances amazed audiences all over Europe and North America, which will continue this fall, accompanied by their new record „Before The Code“. Quartet instrumentation constituting the basis for improvisation of unprecedented flexibility and immediacy, making Made to Break a unique act in the world of free jazz. Recorded by Christoph Amann, on November 11th, 2014, at Amann Studios, Vienna. Mixed by Christoph Amann, Christof Kurzmann and Ken Vandermark. Mastered by Christoph Amann.

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