Architectural 07




Following Secret Chapter, Architectural’s debut LP, and the release of Amour in 2015 with the Dutch imprint Wolfskuil, we are delighted to bring you release number 7 which continues a saga of EPs that are very effective on the dance floor without renouncing to their atmospheric and experimental roots. Presented in an elegant 10″ transparent vinyl, its two tracks, 7.1 and 7.2, share the limelight and will both leave the dance floor in ruins. , , In 7.1 Architectural goes back to his roots with marked low lead lines that star in a very intense episode. The resulting sound is dense and compact, and connects the American essence and feel to European abstract futurism. Many will define this track as pure Architectural., , 7.2 is not suitable for heart patients. Its intense and rhythmical bassline can put the listener in a hypnotic state for several minutes waiting for something to happen. The repetitive rhythm from the start is so strong it becomes strongly addictive. The track evolves towards an end worthy of a terror movie, where the snare provides an aggressive beat complemented by striking atmospheres., , Both tracks are the perfect weapon for any DJ willing to put to the test the best sound equipments.

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