$10 Rework Feat. Anna Domino


Ultramarine & Anna Domino meet again for a reworking of their collaborative track ‚$10 Heel‘., , The song originally appeared on the Ultramarine album Signals Into Space (Les Disques du CrĂ©puscule, 2019). $10 Rework replaces the urgent, jittery rhythm of the original with a straighter House backbone and then proceeds to disassemble the structure with a pair of freestyle, hands-on-the-desk, on-the-fly dub mixes., , Anna Domino’s stream-of-consciousness lyrics tell the impressionistic tale of post-club after-hours chaos in Times Square, NYC circa 1979. Anna raps off studio equipment brand names like passing neon signs glimpsed in a blur through a taxi cab window., , Iain Ballamy wields his saxophone like a graffiti artist with a spray can; scrawling and skronking across the canvas. Ric Elsworth lurks in a side alley, unraveling a trash can monologue of wild flamming bongos., , Ultramarine is the UK duo of Ian Cooper & Paul Hammond. Formed in 1989, their albums include Every Man and Woman is a Star (Rough Trade, 1991), United Kingdoms (w/ Robert Wyatt) (Blanco Y Negro, 1993) and Signals Into Space (w/ Anna Domino) (Les Disques du CrĂ©puscule, 2019)., , Anna Domino is an American musician based in LA and NY, best known for her classic run of releases on Belgian label Les Disques du CrĂ©puscule in the 1980s and ’90s., , Iain Ballamy is a composer and saxophonist; a member of the Loose Tubes collective in the 1980s and more recently with several albums to his name on ECM., , Ric Elsworth is UK-based percussionist and vibraphone player.

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